in Wettingen und Zurich

We offer parents and children an appealing package that focuses on fun, play, discovery, learning, and experiencing with all their senses. Children are encouraged and supported individually based on their needs.
Given our long opening hours from 7:00 – 18:30, you can have your child professionally taken care of in an environment filled with joy, learning, and growth. The daycare center is open all year round except for holidays, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Childhood is a journey of discovery of one’s own possibilities!


KITA Erdmännli
Langäcker 1
5430 Wettingen

Monday – Friday
07:00 to 18:30

Tel.: 056/427 12 12

Site Manager: Ebru Ates

KITA Erdmännli
Allmendstrasse 9
8002 Zürich

Monday – Friday
07:00 to 18:30

Tel.: 044/201 00 49

Site Manager: Céline Bollmann

Bild Tanja Küpfer Geschäftsleitung Kita Erdmännli

Kita Erdmännli GmbH
Tel.: 079/394 90 80

Management: Tanja Küpfer


Immerse yourself virtually in the world of our daycare center. Our facility is characterized by
a warm & stimulating environment in which children can develop their curiosity and skills.

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Childhood is a journey of discovery
of one's own possibilities!


The nubana app brings our daycare
center closer to the parents

nubana helps to exchange information about children and the daycare center with ease. During busy moments in life, more time is left for building relationships and taking care of the child with this digital solution.