New webpage Kita Erdmännli

Today we would like to introduce the new website of Kita Erdmännli!

The Kita Erdmännli is a facility with locations in Wettingen and Zurich and offers care for children aged 3 months to kindergarten entry. With the new website we would like to offer parents a better possibility to find all important information quickly and easily.

The redesign of the website was done in cooperation with the agency Ella from Zurich. The goal was to create a beautiful and warm design that appeals to parents and children alike. The result is a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very user-friendly.

The new design is characterized by warm colors and appealing images. The home page presents the most important information at a glance. Here parents can find the opening hours of the daycare centers as well as a direct link to the registration/contact form. Contact details can also be found quickly on the homepage.

Another important feature of the new website is the improved navigation. Parents can now easily and quickly switch between the different locations and find out about the respective offerings. Important information such as prices and childcare hours is also easy to find.

Overall, the new website of Kita Erdmännli is another step forward. It is user-friendly, informative and attractively designed. Parents now have the opportunity to quickly and easily find out about the different offers of the daycare centers and to register directly online.