My workday at Erdmännli daycare

Mitarbeiterbild Eduard

My name is Eduard, and I work at the Zürich daycare centre. A workday at Erdmännli daycare is never boring when you share it with the most curious, compassionate, and lovable people.

The smiles of the children are definitely my biggest motivation when I think about an ordinary workday at Erdmännli. Welcoming the children in the morning, seeing the joy on their faces as they arrive, feeling the trust they have when they reach out to me with open arms, is one of the things I enjoy most in my daily work.

As everyone knows, working with children carries a great deal of responsibility. It is not just about making sure nothing happens to them, but also about guiding them in this early phase of life, taking the first steps with them, catching their falls, and witnessing their changes. Working with children involves smaller tasks like feeding them or more complex ones like teaching them right from wrong. It includes sparking their curiosity and stimulating their physical and cognitive abilities with each of the activities we do, whether it is drawing, painting, exploring the woods, or going on a trip to the zoo.

I am very passionate about my work because of all these aspects, but also because I learn from the children. They allow me to see life in more vibrant colors, without prejudice. They allow me to forget all my worries. And the most incredible part is that they allow me to be myself.