Music & movement at the Erdmännli daycare center

Zara mit Kindern

My name is Zara, and I have been working at the Erdmännli Wettingen daycare center since 2021.

It is a wonderful feeling to work with children and explore various methods and theories to build a connection with them. Music has helped me engage with children and establish a bond. Often, music is hidden within a child’s play, and play is hidden within their music. Reaching a child becomes easier when you understand their language; whether it’s through play or art, using music as a mediator.

I have observed that music and dance have a significant impact on children. I am delighted when children see me and ask when we will dance. I love having fun with them and am very happy to have built such a connection. While dancing with the children, I see their joy, their smiles, their happiness, and that makes me happier.

Nowadays, we incorporate this activity into the daily routine at the daycare in groups. Each group has daily music and movement lessons. Children love more active music, so our current favorite is Schwiizergoofe music. Music ensures emotional balance, enhances language skills, and promotes listening. It stimulates various areas of the brain, thus fostering the cognitive development of children. Music connects the world. Music is communication and promotes social development. Children learn to follow the rhythm and strengthen their concentration. While a newborn is passive regarding music, they become active over time, aided by the development of sound-producing organs.

Music clearly contributes to linguistic, social, personal, mental, and emotional development. Through a fixed program of songs, rhythm and movement games, which can always open up to new music from other cultures, children’s sense of value is developed.

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