Mission Statement

The children…

… we see caring for them as our core task in everyday life.
... experience every day with all their senses.
… are individually supported according to their needs with the help of the available educational spaces and our observations.
… from different backgrounds as well as individual impairments are welcome.
… take responsibility for themselves and are supported in their participation.
… are supported in their self-, social-, methodical- and factual competence.
… experience common rituals, comfortable spaces and experiences.
… experience community with heart.

The parents…

… are our customers and partners.
… are taken seriously with their wishes and needs.
… are respected and communicate openly with the team.
… are important to us, which is why we foster and promote cooperation.
… are given an atmosphere of trust. … are supported with professional input.
… are given flexibility in terms of care and sick days.

The team…

… is the most important component, in the daily work.
... cultivates cooperation based on partnership.
… utilizes the individual resources of each person and maintains independence.
… continuously educates itself.
… supports the further development of the daycare center.
… is in constant exchange with each other.
… is professional, consists of specialized personnel and trains learners according to the educational standards.

Public relations...

… is maintained.
… is promoted in contact with other specialized agencies.
… is supported with traditional or cultural events.

The quality...

… is made visible through our QualiKita standards and educational spaces.
… is regularly checked by external and internal specialists.
… is guaranteed by the set goals and their review.
… also means offering a good price-performance ratio.

The children experience the following educational spaces with all their senses:

Music / Movement & Snoezel.

Making music and singing, gymnastics, dancing and motor development, retreat, relax and dream journeys

Science & Experimentation:

Stacking, tinkering, screwing, designing and developing objects, and learning about physical laws.

Building / Construction & Mechanics.

Explore, measure, elements, man and environment, test

Creative Design & Crafts.

Works of art are created, tinkering, gluing, cutting, realizing, fantasizing, modeling and hammering

Social, Society & Role Play.

Language development, rules, imagination, imitate, culture, tell, act out and friendships

Nature & Nutrition.

Forest, garden, herbs, berries, getting to know food, baking, cooking, preparing, table culture, outdoor activities

Healthy diet...

… we check the specifications of the Fourchette Verte label and thus compose our menu plan.
… is important for the well-being and growth.
… is prepared fresh & seasonal by our cook every day.
… is made palatable to the children in everyday life…. The children are involved in the preparation of various meals.

Health Education...

… is included in the methodical planning.
… together with the children we maintain personal hygiene.
… We act as role models when it comes to eating.
… We motivate the children to try the food and give them the freedom to eat as much as they want.
… We sensitize the children to the topic of food waste.

Children discover the world. Spurred on by their curiosity. Attentively accompanied by us according to QualiKita standards and based on the Infans concept.