The origins of the name «Erdmännli»

Around 20 years ago, I entered the world of daycare with great enthusiasm. I embarked on this journey and found my calling: working with people, especially young children, and much more. During my training, back when I was a certified early childhood educator, I knew that if I ever ventured into self-employment, the name should engage all the senses.

At that time, I was living in Mutschellen, Canton of Aargau. During a walk in the woods along a trail of legends, I came across the so-called «Erdmannli» stone. This mystical place stayed with me, and I still often think about that experience today. The name Erdmannli eventually led me to the idea of «Erdmännli» (meerkat in English).

The meerkat («Erdmännli» in German) lives and experiences with all the senses, just as I wanted the children under my care to experience it one day in my daycare. A dream came true, and in 2015, I had the privilege of opening Kita Erdmännli in Wettingen. With success 😊 Three years later, the second location was established in Zürich Brunau.

I am delighted that we can care for so many young “Erdmännli” every day and accompany them on their journey.